[Northkeep] Archery Range Question for the populace.

Derek Wilson Derek.Wilson at DTAG.Com
Wed May 14 20:06:56 PDT 2003


Before I pursue this any further I would like a consensus.

I visited the Sperry Archery Range that is used by the Tulsa Archery
Association last weekend. It has the following amenities:

Indoor Range up to 30 yards, lighted, heated, and has a large ventilation
fan for summer, pop machine.

Outdoor practice range with large shade trees at the shooting position with
yardages 10,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60, and a FITA 90 meter (approx 100

Outdoor Field Range: Walk thru the woods on mowed paths and shoot at
yardages that vary from 80 yards to 20 feet.

Outdoor 3d Range: Walk thru the woods and shoot at 3D representations of
various game animals from various yardages.

The only downside is the drive, it is basically on 86th street north past
highway 11...a 20 min drive from my house.

What I am wondering is would the archers in Northkeep want to travel the
distance for the ability to have such a NICE range. If so I will pursue
getting us a group rate. Currently TAA charges $30 a year for a family
membership. If the archers are willing to travel that distance for a nice
range that we can use anytime rain or shine then I will begin the process of
negotiating with the TAA and see what we might come up with if not then I
won't bother.

Please let me know what you all think. Good or Bad.

Diethelm Waltorfer
Archery Marshal.

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