[Northkeep] FW: Tournament Invitation

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at SSD.FSI.com
Thu May 15 10:49:43 PDT 2003

> Salutations unto Their Majesties, Highnesses, Barons and
> Seneschals who
> receive these words. Now comes well wishes and hopes of
> prosperity in your
> lands from Syr Valdemar Ironfist. In order to promote prowess, honor,
> chivalry and heraldry it is a pleasure to announce my
> intention of holding a
> tournament on the nineteenth day of June at the War of the
> Lilies in the
> Kingdom of Calontir.  The hour shall be that of three in the
> afternoon or as
> soon as any battles that may occur that day have ended.  This
> tournament
> shall be known as The Tournament of Champions and shall be
> open only to
> champions of official SCA groups that with the exception of
> Royal Champions
> have been chosen by right of combat.  In order to encourage heraldry,
> Champions shall be required to wear their Champions' tabard
> or the colors of
> their local group.  Group or personal Banners are also most
> welcome.  I do
> hereby invite your Champions should they meet the above
> requirements to
> attend and participate in this contest of arms against other
> Champions of
> The Knowne Worlde.
> May the Gods smile on you and hold you in their favor.
> Syr Valdemar Jarnknefi (Ironfist)

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