[Northkeep] A (Lilies War) Call to Arms!

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Thought this might interest a few people......

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Men of the North, the open sea awaits!  Great riches, unguarded, are to
found among the English, who are too weak to hold a sword long against true
warriors such as ourselves.  Join us as we reap the harvest of the bountiful
fields which they have planted and left open to our attentions.

Once we have stowed away our Saxon treasures, even greater wealth awaits us
in the South, where gleaming Miklegard, triple-walled and triply-rich, seeks
our strong arms to support their Roman kings.  Life in their sworn guard is
sweet, as is their wine, their gold and their women. In truth the only ice
to be seen is that brought down from high mountain tops by swift runners to
cool their drinks in summer.  But think not that all the time is spent
wrapped in luxury and debauchery.  For these Romans are soft, as are their
foes.  The Romans are wise enough to have our axes in their service,
strengthening their host.  Their foes have no such aid, leaving them as food
for our blades, and the ravens that fly in our wake.  Fat are the crows of
the south, fed well by the fallen foes of Miklegard, brought down by our

I, Hersir Halvgrímr Aðálraðarson, becon my brothers of the North and my
fellow Varangian's to come together on Friday, June 20th (at the War of the
Lilies in Calontir) and lay siege to the Saxons/Normans to rid our soil of
their pestilence.

Sharpen your spears, hone your axes and remove the dust from long stored war
shields, for there is blood to be spilled and plunder to be taken!

Come together this day and assure your self a bench, wench and wine in the
Halls of Valhalla! May Odin's one eye look favorably upon us this day!

If it is your desire to join these forces please contact me so that I may
begin to estimate our numbers before hand.

Commander of the Viking/Varangian forces

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