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Fri May 2 12:00:42 PDT 2003

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This may be a bit late for reaching most in Northkeep, but I wanted to let you know.... Since I had my Dr's appointment yesterday anyway, I asked if it would be ok or advisable not to use insect repelent since I'm pregnant.  And since we seem to have a few of us in the Barony at the moment, I thought I would share: Dr told me that, YES, the repelent would very likely be absorbed into the skin, AND transfered to the fetus through the plasenta.  Not for sure what it might do to your baby -- but if your like I'm being, and erroring on the side of caution -- it would be best not to take the risk to your fetus. You can still do all the other things that our Chiruegon (sp?) mentioned to keep yourself free of ticks -- the long sleeves/light colors/ and check yourself regularily. Dr also told me that if you remove the tick in a timely manner (within 24 hours of it biting you) you are less likely to have any disease passed to you from the tick.  He suggested smothering it first with rubbing alchohol, and then it should be easy to remove.  And then, keep an eye out for any symtoms that would suggest that you did get lyme or something from the bug. See everyone there!!
Annis and Skerri PS we will bring some wasp killer.
"Herndon, Darin" <DHerndon at bswintl.com> wrote:

Wasps are coming out. If someone could bring some wasp killer, it would
be appreciated.

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