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Well said Anawyn. You have such a gift for expressing yourself that very
few of us have! You are indeed gracious, and I do hope we all get to
hear your Bardic tales of this event. I was there at the end supporting
you and Balvin (I sat with Their Excellencies) and indeed was wondering
if you were breathing. I know how tired you were at the end of the day,
as we all were, and yet you were able to express your joy and pride of
our Barony and Kingdom so well. Thank you.

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416 was it? I still can't get over an event so well attended, that we
have run out of site flyers for it, let alone site tokens! But we sure
run out of food, did we? In the North we know where our priorities lie!
So many people asked me if I was relieved or disappointed by the results
the day.  For any others who might also have wondered how I felt, I will
share the same thing I said, which is that, in truth, I was so very
proud of
Sir Balvin, there simply was no room for any other emotion.
His courage, grace, and chivalry on the list field were an inspiration.
I saw
the hope on the faces of the people in the North, who had not seen one
their own come so close to taking the Crown in a while, and it was
enough to
know what confidence so many placed in this man.
Balvin and I had discussed at some length, along with our spouses, what
would be facing, if he were to win. I was prepared to take on the duties
come with the Crown, and I greatly desired to see him on the throne. I
am not
alone in believing that he would be an honorable and sensible leader.
However, I have always been content to be just Anawyn, and so I am
We are fortunate this day to have a capable and lovely new Prince and
Princess, whom I admire, and a currently stable Kingdom. We have a
of stalwart and brave fighters who thrilled us on the field all the day
with no injuries. Can we ask for more?
I have thought about it, and I just cannot imagine an award now or ever,
that could give me greater satisfaction, or honor than having been Sir
Balvin's consort. I cannot prove it, but I feel certain that at least a
couple of times that day my feet left the earth in sheer joy from the
splendor of all the wonderful things that happened to me that day.
Greatest thanks to his wife, sweet Francesca, who "loaned" him for the
and who was my "hand holder," and the best of company. And God, can that
woman cook! You could tell she is from Northkeep from the wonderful and
generous table she put out for everyone to enjoy (yeah, Northkeep's just
Although, (now, the intervening years may have caused me to forget), I
confess, it seems to me that it was easier to give birth to a child,
watch that man fight at times! And, as if to enhance the whole
aspect of the thing, there were all these people walking by now and
then, who
would squint at me, and go, "Anawyn...you need to breath Hon, come on,
need to breath..." and I tell you my lungs were hurting by the end of
So many of you simply broke my heart with the lovely and kind things you
to me, and I really feel that they were not deserved, but I very much
appreciated it, and I got to be in a fairy tale, (or maybe it was just a
really good French film or something) with all of you for a day.
We will never tire of heroes in the SCA, and certainly, we in the North
plenty to spare. Castallan is coming up. After such a golden day full
deeds a
plenty, we bards and skalds would be a poor lot if we cannot come up
with a
piece to offer then, from this day alone, what say you?
Let the mead halls ring full of songs and tales, of our tall sons and
daughters, for we are rich without measure!
Vivat Northkeep and Ansteorra!
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