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> I wanted to add a bit of an outsiders point of view on
> this.....
> I live in Ponca city and have regularly been at
> Northkeep events since I have been here. I really hope
> that you will give the SCA another chance and attend
> Castellen at the end of this month. There are many
> wonderful people in Northkeep that you should meet and
> get to know.
> I also want to extend our invitation as well for you
> to join us at our fire. We camp with people from all
> over the Northern region. Just look for the Banners
> with the Blue mug with the unicorn head. There will
> likely be several member of our group wondering around
> as well, as we all wear the same emblem on our belts
> feel free to stop any of us and let us know you are
> new and could use some one just hang out with and show
> you the ropes(Of course this is the SCA so that may
> mean roping you into working...lol). We are ALL here
> to help though so dont feel shy about asking for
> assistance!
> I hope you will give it a try again, and that we will
> see you at Castelen!
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