[Northkeep] So, who got what?

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Mon May 5 23:29:02 PDT 2003

Amanda wrote:
>We are very sorry we missed Crown Tourney, I hear I missed a terrific feast.
>Apparently the onion soup was superb, as someone who is unliked by raw
>onions ate herself 3 bowlfuls, and wanted more!!!!! I'm jealous! I missed
>out on Lynn's Salmon Pate. Total bummer. Any left? I know she won't give out
>the recipe, but is there hope?
>Amanda Blackwolf
>totally bummed about missing the event, but happy her gym-baby did well

Tell Krys we are very proud of her, wow on the 9; we missed you all alot.

As to feaste, it was wonderful.  I barly had room for anything other than
the soup and bread.  I would love the soup recipe and a repost of the bread
(lost my copy) also the desert was wonderful.  The frosting on the one cake
was incredible, another recipe request if possible.  The candied ginger was
wonderful; Kit, Damien and I ate two bowls of it and the last bits flavored
my water for the rest of the night.

who was throughly exhausted by the whole thing
and Kit has another ortho appointment made...

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