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I had so much food and water I'm suprised I didn't dissolve on site.  Thank you so much for dragging the heralds kicking and screaming to the water tent.  We'd have dried up and blown away if not for your insistence, we were so busy.  I would especially like to thank the waterbearer who was assigned to me.  I did not catch her name, although I did see her serving water at feast and again with the Chemin Noir entourage at evening court.

As for Lady Zubeydah, I would like you to e-mail me off list so I can thank you more properly.

Masamune no Yahaki

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Date: 2003/05/06 Tue AM 09:04:54 EDT
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Subject: [Northkeep] Thanks

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To the Barony -

There aren't enough words to tell everyone who helped at Waterbearer's point "Thank you".  Without these people, we would never have been able to serve the Kingdom.  Especially Zubeydeh (sorry about the butchering of the spelling).  OMG, did you see the spread she laid out???  If anyone has complaints, let them come to me, and I will try to improve things.  If anyone, ANYONE has words of praise, let them all be directed to her.  I did nothing but organize the point.

To all those who chopped, ran water, cleaned vegetables, and conviced the fighters to try the Roman water, you have my most heartfelt thanks.  Without you, Crown would have been a poorer event, and I would have been in trouble.

Again, thank you all.  I hope to see you at Castellan, where we can again serve our Barony and Kingdom.

In service to my home,

Lady Catin de Mortain

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