[Northkeep] Heraldry Commenting

Kathy Herndon northkeep_herald at ansteorra.org
Tue May 6 16:24:07 PDT 2003

Etienne wrote:
>I'm beating Rosamund to the punch on this one but...
>Heraldic Commenting will be held at our home on the evening of May 8.
>Please note that due to the number of submissions to review, assisting
>people with their heraldry may not be possible on that evening.
>Commenting is still a great way to learn "book" heraldry and may help
>you in choosing your own name or arms.
>If you need directions, email Rosamund at
>(northkeep_herald at ansteorra.org).

Umm, yeah. . .  let me add a few details you left out in your haste.
:-)  That is this Thursday evening, and we will be starting promptly
at 7:00 p.m.


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