[Northkeep] fighter practice

Keith Duke KDUKE at fwmurphy.com
Wed May 7 06:46:37 PDT 2003

If you come in on 7th (from Memorial) you'll pass tennis courts on your left
and then a stop sign. Take the first left after that... Once you've turned
you'll see a building on the left. Look for us over there.

Alternately, you can try SCA-echo-location... Which is the process of
getting in the general vicinity and then finding the SCA heavy fighters by
the sounds:

"Crack! Thud! Boom! Yeowch! Momma!"

Yep. We're over thatta way...

(Who is actually in town for once!)

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	I'm planning on bringing the brood out to fighter practice.  My
19-year-old is totally enamored with it. I know it's at McClure park, but it
is pretty obvious how to find it, once you're in the park?


> Glad you are sticking around, any chance you can make fighter's
> practice tomarrow night?  I have had another 5 or 6 new people contact
> me in the last week, so we should have a good little group going.
> Susan
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