[Northkeep] fighter practice

Keith Duke KDUKE at fwmurphy.com
Wed May 7 07:45:13 PDT 2003

Well... I'm not sure that my cost of boots is really a good example... I
have ummm...*difficult* feet... But I got exactly what I wanted in a timely
fashion and would happily spend the same money again. I think the total bill
with shipping and all came to just over $400.00... Plus it was the first
time he had made that design (I've since seen several pairs at Gulf)

I will tell the world that Sir Behemond did an exemplary job of making them
fit and work for me.

Kit in a shuba? <<grin>> Your darling child will look *great* in a proper

Now we just have to figure out a way to *tastefully* - well ok, Russian,
maybe not that, how about - "acceptably gaudily" - decorate it with pearls
in a pattern that spells out:

"I'm still a minor - touch me and BAD things happen to you"



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>(Who is actually in town for once!)

Yippy, he has such a pretty helm and btw, how much were those boots?  Kit
and her garb accuisition desires, wants a pair of the Russian red boots and
is plotting her birthday money for her Shuba.  Not sure if I'm looking
forward to her in the hats or not.


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