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beth at stormreaver.net beth at stormreaver.net
Wed May 7 13:06:05 PDT 2003

I'd really like to contact the photographer - how can I do so?  My reasons

1) They have pictures of me getting my AoA!!! *bounces with joy*  I'd like
to get permission to grab a copy and post it on my own personal website.

2) I have unlimited web space, my own web server, and a business level
bandwidth and would be *GLAD* to permanantly host the photos with full
credits and info so that they don't go 'poof' after the current host's time

3) I'm putting together my own 75+ photos of Crown, which should be posted
as soon as I get them cleaned up and identified (I'm bringing the pictures
to Figher Practice tonight, hoping folks can help me figure out who is
who), and the more the merrier!

- zubeydah

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Greetings all.

Reichert's sister attended crown this weekend and managed to get a number of
fairly good photo's of the opening court.

He's asked me to post the links here.




This is not a durable link the site only posts pictures for a brief period.
If you have any questions or problems please contact Reichert directly.
(He's not on this list.)


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