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Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Wed May 7 12:46:33 PDT 2003

Hi Well-- I know that Ld. Diethelm the archery marshal
was going to go out to Tracy's place to measure and
mark off things-- I am sure that he will do that as
soon as he can (his life is as full right now, between
being a co-autocrat for Castellan and work and

We might be able to work something else out as an
unofficial practice till we get the official ones
going again, please email me zahavabathannah at yahoo and
we can see what we can get going...


> Archery~PLEASE, if there is not a group currently
> meeting, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE START!!! My son and I
> are EXTREMELY interested (as long as it isn't on
> Monday nights)! It escapes me now who, but a couple
> of people have offered to loan us bows, expecially
> one offer was for a child sized one. I am definitely
> interested in that as well, at least until I can buy
> us our own... where WOULD one get simple bows? I
> don't want a compound bow, and that is all I seem to
> see (at least at wally world, anyway)
> Chris (the girly one)
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