[Northkeep] The Pride of Northkeep

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Wed May 7 20:48:52 PDT 2003

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> Yeah it was a real blast even when Balvin's Pants were flying on the Flag
> pole Saturday night.

OK, OK. Ian, I am at a loss on this one - apparently I missed something. Now,
I have been playing for quite a long while, so is this a long standing
tradition I have been missing, or is this just a guy thing, or is this what
we do to people who do not win Crown Tourney, and I just managed to escape??
Because I just want to say....I just want to say, AS the consort, that,
...and I am fighting down panic here Ian, do you hear me? I tell you
If you had any intentions of running my bloomers up the old flagpole, I'm
telling you, I'll come at you with all the
Norman-blooded-we-own-everybody-viciousness that is in me, there will some
screams, and then just a little Scottish grease smear in the road!!
(Isn't it great to have fun in Northkeep once again :-D)

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