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There is also another way: my Lady Anaka does a Italian Renn persona in the summer and a Mongol persona in the winter.


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>If you look at some pictures of clothing, and
>find some that you like, that might be what determines what country and
>period you're from. I wish I would have gone to needleworker's first,
>and talked to some of the populace, because in hindsight, I would have
>picked a Norse persona for two reasons. One, the clothing is cooler in
>the summer heat and two, it's extremely easy to make and looks good.
>Since I'm not the best seamstress, this would have been a really good
>choice for me. However, I am learning to sew, and if you don't look too
>closely at what I make, it looks O.K. Good luck in your research.

Unless someone comes into the SCA married to a persona idea, I really think
one of the more valid ways of choosing a person in the beginning is through
finding the clothes that you are most comfortable with.  It can also go
along with a choice for a certain culture, if you like England and want
simple clothes go earlier and if you love austentatious ornamentation go
with Elizabethan.  I have known of many people who their garb is from one
culture in the winter and another in the summer, or one in the day and
another at night.  There are many choices for what you do; but I know I
have much garb I made that I just haven't worn, as it hasn't been
comfortable and that is one of my major requirements.

Marta, your garb looks wonderful on you and I am still snickering about
your comments about not sewing when you came in 3 years ago,


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