[Northkeep] Strange Storm Related Report

Emily Minier Emily.Minier at DTAG.Com
Fri May 9 05:39:02 PDT 2003

Just as a brief update, some of our SCA brethren (Svan Coldbrowskaldson and
his lady, Kristin - please forgive spelling errors) have felt the wrath of
mother nature on their homes, but my information says that ALL of the people
are fine and accounted for.  I'm told the majority of the damage was to
their garage and back porch.  I have not had any updates since yesterday
evening as to the total extent of the damage.

In Continuing Service to the Dream,
Adalia "Nyx" VonDerBerg

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   According to a public information statement from
the National Weather Service in Tulsa, a report has
come in that a check from Moore has been found in Sand
   Hopefully, there will continue to be no SCA folk


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