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> Blows out Ismet and I though we've been trying for years to talk Anawyn into
> sampling the Lilies war.

Will she finally do it? Will this be the year?? After all the years of
coaxing and pleading??? And all the really attractive tales of people struck
by lightning and the bugs and the heat, and strange diseases picked up in the
lake! Will she at long last go to see it for herself?
Well, I have sure used up a lot of my days available, due to illness this
year, unfortunately. Let's see what that Saxon lad I am married to has to
say. It is one place we can take the pup-ster Bentley with us, so that is
helpful. But, then we have to do something with Murdoch and Pepper. Have zoo,
will travel? At least we have the right car this year!
The drama is building, but we shall see...

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