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Folks - let's keep in mind that we cannot be on site at Will Rogers until
5:00.  They are having day camp there and we have to wait until the kids are
gone.  Please don't show up before then!!!

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Well, ya know ya got me so just tell me where you want me. Point me in the
right direction and that's where I'll go. I'll be there early on Friday to
help set up and stuff.


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>Unto the Populace,
>Crown was a Wondrous event, it had pageantry, great fights, famous bards
>around the fires, and a feast fit for a king (obviously), and showed the
>south that we always have been strong and always will be. But guess
>what?....Our bread and butter event is just around the corner. I would
>challenge the populace to make Castellan as wondrous an event this year and
>all the following years as Crown was last week.
>To that end here is what Beortlic (sp?) and I need. We have but one
>until Castellan and the sign up sheets are short in ALL areas. We need
>volunteers to sign up so that we know where we are going to be short handed
>so that we can bri...I mean...recruit for those slots. I know I know....it
>always looks like your going to fall short for people at Castellan but it
>always seems to work out...yada yada yada. I'm a stressed out under paid
>Computer Geek with a tendency to.....FREAK when things look like they
>coming together. So if not for your Barony, and not for your Kingdom, then
>please volunteer to help save a poor Computer Geek from the depths of
>Freakdom..All it takes is a few minutes of your time..(I'm going to get
>Sally Struthers job yet :) ). I will be posting the slots that we have
>available in a following email and you may email Beortlic and I with your
>signups if you will not be at populace.
>One more time then we GO to OTHER peoples events!
>Ld. Diethelm Waltorfer
>Co-Autocrat Castellan
>Archery Marshal, Northkeep
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>Add some of your brownies and a tall glass of milk, and curl up w/ a good
>book of your choice. Pamper yourself!
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> > That would be nice, wouldn't it?
> >
> > Nice, but unlikely. But, after a long hard weekend event, three more
> > away from home and sitting in a court house, getting in late last night
> > up early this morning (I had to go and get my stitches out .. YEA!!)....
> > think I will take a little nap this afternoon. How decadent.
> >
> > Lynn the Inquisitive
> >
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