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Tue May 20 21:28:44 PDT 2003

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Beth at stormreaver.net writes:

> I'm working on some ideas for site & feast token for children for castellan,
> but am not really knowledgeable about the types of saws that would be
> needed
> for detail work... a heavy duty rotary tool or a saw of some sort? I dont'
> have access to this, and am hoping to find some kind individual in the
> barony who does, and is willing to cut out some shapes for me. (No, Zahava,
> not you, despite your very kind offer previously! You've got your hands
> full!)  I'll be bringing the piece to fighter practice tomorrow, in case
> anyone is there who can advise me.
> Zubeydah

       A scroll saw is the best tool for cutting the tokens to shape.  A band
saw would also do.  Any saw with a circular blade is a bad ( dangerous)
choice for small work.  For etching a design into the tokens I would suggest
a dremmel tool.   If the design permits I would reccomend putting the design
on the wood before cutting the tokens to size.  It should be easier to do on
the larger piece of wood.
       My band saw broke today,  I still have a scroll saw but you would have
to come way out here to use it.  With the band saw down I can't really do
without it.


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