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BTW - I'm not sure that very many people know that Diarmaid (of shoe fame)
has a fairly comprehensive page based on extant clothing of the SCA time
period (mostly).  He and Kass McGann have been working on a reproduction of
the Moy gown (separately, not together) and some of you may have seen
Baroness Rhiannon wearing it at wInterkingdom.........


Diarmaid and Talana will be doing a class on basic clothing construction on
the 10th of June, I believe - more will be forthcoming...........


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Since I know at least a few people have been asking mom and I about these
things recently, I'm posting the links here.  The first is Kass McGann's
amazingly useful site, and the other is Cynthia du Pre Argent's lovely site
for mid-period English and French (and yes Chris, Burgundy too).  She also
has a collection of pictures of extant garments, in case anyone wants to

doing this before she forgets...



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