[Northkeep] This weekend's happenings.

uilliacc wmbrett at theshop.net
Mon May 26 14:36:26 PDT 2003

> Could someone post a summary of what happened at Steppes?  I'm not on the
> ansteorra list and us poor easterners are curious as Duchess Isabella was
> supposed to be there.
> Omar

I Saw the Duchess on saturday before the rain came....  Saturday night we
recieved a torrential downpour that flooded all the low-lying areas
including the campsites of a fair number of gentles....  On sunday the
autocrats called the event and all activities were cancelled most everyone
went home....

two vehicles were flooded when the owners tried to cross high water, a fair
number of privies were washed downstream and at least one large comercial
ice-freezer was washed downstream, ending up ontop of one of the stranded

it was real....  it was fun....  it just wasn't real fun....  another
waterlord that would have to be near legendary.....

no injuries just a big mess....


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