[Northkeep] This weekend's happenings.

Kathy Herndon northkeep_herald at ansteorra.org
Mon May 26 17:48:34 PDT 2003

Baron Ainar wrote:
>Now we are concerned about everyone who went down.
>So would you do the paranoid Baron and Baroness a favor and just let us know
>how you faired.

Etienne, Dora and I (and all our stuff) are all fine.  We were camped
on high ground (having seen that site in full flood once before).
Nothing worse than good-sized puddles on the floor of the tent (which
we will now have to dry in the backyard as it was sprinkling again
when we packed up on Sunday).

The elevation of Ansteorra's newest Pelican, Mistress Rosalia di
Bella Vita, took place amid much pomp, circumstance and thunder.
Etienne or I will give a full account of the evening court later--it
was memorable, to say the least.

On Sunday we were graciously invited to stay the night with friends
of Master Darius and Mistress Rosalia in the DFW area.  (Thank you
Tristan and Isolde, for your hospitality.)  We got cleaned up, had a
cookout, and generally salvaged a pleasant weekend out of what could
have been a washout (pardon the pun).


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