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> 1) The Bardic competition: I have seen the final parts
> of the competition a couple of times, but do not know
> exactly what is meant by the 'standard challenge
> motif' for the competition.

       Each person who enters the bardic competition will be given a number
of tokens.  Throughout the day the bards will challenge one another and wager
tokens on the outcome of the challenge.  The bards in the challenge will select
someone who is acceptable to both of them to judge the challenge.  At the
announced time the bards will meet to count tokens.  The three bards with the
most tokens will be the finalists.  The finalists will be given a topic and one
hour to write a new piece on that topic.  At the end of the hour they must
perform that new piece.  The Baron & Baroness and the current Northkeep bard will
judge the final round.
       Bards are limited to wagering only one token per challenge and no more
than three bards in any challenge.   This is necessary to prevent competitors
who are way behind in tokens just before the count from getting together and
wagering all their tokens on one challenge and having someone who was in last
place suddenly go to first place.  This happened the first year we did this.
       This is how it has been run in the past and so far as I know is how it
is running this year.


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