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A person could win the Drighton competition and still will Castellan.  A
person could not win the Drighton competition and still win Castellan.  The
Castellan competition is point based.  Points are only given to the people
who declare that they are competing in Castellan.  So if the person who wins
the Drighton competition is not competing in the Castellan competition, they
don't get any points.  The points would go to the 3 people who scored
highest in the Drighton (or any other competition) who were actually
competing in the Castellan.  At the end of the day a person's points will be
totalled and divided by the number of competitions entered with the high
scorer taking the Castellan title.

Hope that helps!

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I had a question last night from one of gentles competing in our Drighton
and Castellan competitions. If one were to win the Drighton Tournament does
that exclude them from winning the Castellan competition? And could one fail
to win the Drighton tournament and still acquire enough points to win
Castellan? After reading the website I am still a bit unsure. Please let me
know. Thank you.


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