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I have a couple of links to gambeson patterns here:

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There are lots of different patterns and ideas out there from the very
simple to the complex. Below is a link with several differnt ideas on
it. You can also do a Google search for Gambeson Patterns and you will
come up with several options. You may also have him contact me after
Castellan or come and find me at the event regarding the up coming
armoring nights we will be having.

Hope it helps,

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"Horn, Trisha D." <tdhorn at> wrote:
Apparently, Skinny Boy will need extra padding, too. So does anyone have
pattern for one of those quilted-looking jackets the fighters sometimes
wear? I have a feeling this is going to get very interesting before all
said and done. :)


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> He did look like he was having a good time. LOL - that kidney belt he
> wearing was still a couple inches too big, wasn't it?? I'm glad he
> enjoyed
> it. Quite a few new fighters coming in - Angus, when did you say you
> going to start doing armoring at your house???
> Mercedes
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> To all of the fighters at practice last night:
> My sincere thanks for showing my son the beginning ins and outs. Like
> males, he enjoys whacking things but would never let on how psyched he
> just to be in the thick of it last night. I think he may have found
> niche.
> Raghnailt (mka Trish)
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