Gambeson Patterns (was RE: [Northkeep] last night's smack down)

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Thu May 29 13:52:43 PDT 2003

So could you do a combination of both: muslin lining, 2 cloth layers,
batting, 2 cloth layers, more batting and outer lining? It would probably
have to be hand stiched, at that thickness, though.

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> >You could also use several layers of batting and
> >quilt it between the fabric rather than rolling
> >it up and stuffing it. ;)
> Absolutely - although the layers of cloth thing is how it's been described
> in the period literature (if memory serves).
> The theory is that the problem with the stuffing the tubes has to do with
> the protection against a bladed opponent, since if the blade hits that
> tube,
> it will glance to the side - right to where you only have two cloth layers
> held together by thread.  Layering the cloth means that when you deflect
> the
> bade between the tubes, it's still hitting the same number of layers of
> cloth.
> Marc/Diarmaid
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