[Northkeep] last night's smack down

Dennis England sirbalvin at cox.net
Thu May 29 16:27:58 PDT 2003

Greetings All,

At the risk of sounding like an old softy of a dinosaur, I just want to say
it does my heart good and reinvigorates me to see so many people enjoying
fighter practice.  I tend to be focused on the fighting so I don't visit
much.  However, I really enjoy seeing such a diverse group of people there
providing color, atmosphere, and sounds other than the "thwack" of swords or
howls of pain.  I hope you all will continue to come and brighten the whole
experience for us all!

BTW we're having around a dozen fighters or more per practice, so any of you
who are reading this and are not coming out to play, you are missing a good

In Service,
Sir Balvin

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> He did look like he was having a good time.  LOL - that kidney belt he was
> wearing was still a couple inches too big, wasn't it??  I'm glad he
> it.  Quite a few new fighters coming in - Angus, when did you say you were
> going to start doing armoring at your house???
> Mercedes
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> To all of the fighters at practice last night:
> My sincere thanks for showing my son the beginning ins and outs. Like most
> males, he enjoys whacking things but would never let on how psyched he was
> just to be in the thick of it last night. I think he may have found his
> niche.
> Raghnailt (mka Trish)
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