[Northkeep] Gambeson Patterns

Kari Moore ansty at hotmail.com
Thu May 29 16:29:26 PDT 2003

Just a reminder that the Barony Library is here to serve everyone and we
have many resources.  I know that you have already gotten many answers but
let me add what we have in answer to your question.

These three Tournaments Illuminated articles might be of help:

Jupons, Jacks, and Arming Coats 	Gavin Malcœur 	Fall 1993 (#108)
The Home Quilted Gambeson 	Camilia la Droitier 	Fall 1987 (#84)
Simple Gambeson Adjustments 	Einar Lutemaker 	Fall 1983 (#68)

If you are interested in them just let me know,
Deputy Librarian
Katlyn Vowels

>Apparently, Skinny Boy will need extra padding, too.  So does anyone have a
>pattern for one of those quilted-looking jackets the fighters sometimes
>wear?  I have a feeling this is going to get very interesting before all is
>said and done.  :)

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