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Also try Carbona -- can get it a Jo-Ann Fabrics and sometimes the grocery
store. It comes in a little yellow bottle and comes in different "flavors"
for different stains. I know there is one for blood, color over runs, etc. I
believe there is one for rust.  At Jo-Ann's it's on the notions wall with
the needles, iron stabilizer, etc. Should be in the area close to where the
irons are. There is a Jo-Ann's on 41st between Yale and Sheridan. It is in
the same strip mall center with TGI Friday's.

Also you could try a solution of baking power and water. Put drops of water
into a couple of tablespoons of baking soda  -- enough to make a paste that
is thick like tooth paste. Wet your fabric where the stain is and rub a
little on the spot. Wait a couple of minutes then bend the fabric in half on
the spot and rub the spot vigorously for a minute or two. Then put a lump of
the paste on the spot and rub it into the spot (there will should be a thick
lump on the spot). Let the spot sit overnight then rinse it out with cool
water. You may need to do it several times to fully get the spot out.

Good luck with the rust.

Lynn the Inquisitive

PS. Don't try CLR, it will eat your fabric fast.
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