[Northkeep] directions to Castellan

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There is a map on this address:

Basically follow 412 west, get off at the Cleveland exit and go right
(north-ish_ to Cleveland. In Cleveland, you come to a stop light ( I think
it is the first stop light in Cleveland, but it has a Homeland store on the
right hand side of the corner) -- turn left at the light. There should be a
SCA with an arrow sign at the light (or just before you get to the light).

Keep going west-ish out of Cleveland for several miles. The boy scout camp
is on the right hand side of the road.  There is a big Will Rogers boy scout
camp sign, but it is a little hard to see until you get really close to it
because you will be coming up a hill and the road curves a little just
before the sign. But there will also be SCA signs too.

Check out the site address above..... it'll probably help you more than my
directions. It will take a minute for the map to load up.

Lynn the Inquisitive
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> Whats the best way to get there from Tulsa???
> Montega
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