[Northkeep] New Submissions

ravenrux at cox.net ravenrux at cox.net
Mon Apr 5 05:49:21 PDT 2004

Greetings the list,

In my somewhat lengthy speech at populace meeting I stated that I have a backlog and probably wouldn't be getting to new submissions until May.  I perhaps was a little unclear.  It was not my intention that no one submit paperwork, just that I may not get to it until next month.

If you have paperwork that is ready to submit, by all means give it to me.  If you have questions, you can call me or e-mail me.  I do have enough time to answer questions.  I regret the inconvenience that this is causing.  I have a number of submissions that for one reason or another have been sitting in the Queue since before I took office and my highest priority is getting these devices submitted.  The submission process is painfully tedious and I ask that you bear with me.

In service,
Masamune no Yahakiya
Northkeep Herald

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