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Greetings Everyone!

I wanted to make sure you all saw this post and knew that at Populace this
coming Monday we would be passing the hat around for contributions for
Ansteorra's Argent Anniversary. If you can, please bring some extra cash or
your checkbooks to Populace and help out with what you can. Thanks everyone.


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Greetings Ansteorra:
Some information regarding the fundraising efforts for Ansteorra's Argent
1.    We have less than forty days from this writing to the end of our
fundraising campaign for the fireworks display at AAA, Our goal is to raise
$5,000 BY STEPPES WARLORD.  As of today, we have less than $2,000 in hand.
2.    Every local seneschal in Ansteorra has received a letter from me asking
them to PASS THE HAT at either their April or May populace meeting.
Hopefully, many of you know of this request from your seneschal.  Please,
please encourage your fellow Ansteorrans to contribute when the hat comes
around.  With all of us working together, it will take a very, very small
amount from each of us indeed.  Cash and checks, made out to "SCA, Inc. -
Kingdom of Ansteorra" with "Argent Anniversary", will be accepted.  All
money raised by a branch must be sent to the AAA Exchequer, Mistress Kaitlyn
McKenna, *prior to* Steppes Warlord.  For more information, including mailing
address, please contact Mistress Kaitlyn at mistresskaitlyn at sbcglobal.net.
Funds must be in Mistress Kaitlyn's hands before they can be tallied toward
our goal.

If you have any questions, please contact me off-list at
snorri at houston.rr.com.

In joyful service to Ansteorra,
Lord Snorri Hallsson
Fundraising Coordinator, AAA

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