[Northkeep] fabric inquiry

greddi66 at juno.com greddi66 at juno.com
Thu Apr 1 10:17:37 PST 2004

The current layout is (as I know):
Gold for the Back
Red for the Front
Black for the Yoke
Black Star for the Back
White Circle above the Belt line

The balance may be painted or use fabric : 
Black Keep on the White Circle
and possibly using Red Cord to make the Voided Star for the Front

Note: Heavy uses 1/2 of the 60" width
      Light uses More to form a pleated Cape (Unbelted Back)

I left ~8yards of Gold Trigger at the I-44 & Peoria Hancock Fabric store
~9 yards of Red Trigger.  They also have Yellow Trigger so be careful.
I think I got all/most of the Black and they still have some White Trigger.  They are getting ready for inventory, so it may be a week before getting more in.

Gavin & I are trying to plan a sewing day with the Talh. Group and get a producion line going.

I should have an example of the Light Tabbard soon, and will go back to get more Gold to work on the Light. . .

Where did you say you saw gold trigger fabric for the tabbards? I was going to try to pick up what they had, if I can find some.  We'll also need red and black trigger, correct?


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