[Northkeep] Scribal Handout

greddi66 at juno.com greddi66 at juno.com
Mon Apr 12 12:37:27 PDT 2004

Muscle-ey?!?! Sure! (puffs up in pose only to hear leaking air. . .)
Opps. . .mabee not. . . hehehe

What other sewing needs to be done besides what is going to the taylor?
and listpole covers?  The list field setup will take 45min. No real rush there. . . food, wait till a little closer to prepare. . .

Handouts, I'll go out to my car in a while and see if they are still there. . .Yeah, been giving THOUSANDs of them away. . .not!  Just made a few copies in case someone wanted one.

No word yet on the 24th. I get the feeling that once the garb is done, 
it's going to be a matter of lots of muscle to set everything up... Are you feeling muscle-ey?  And how'd you get extras on the handouts? You've been giving them away before I got mine?!?! I feel so used (sniffle).  My fax is 494-1333

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> HANDOUTS?  We don't need no stink'in HANDOUTS!
> Yes, I think I have an extra and the original in my car.  Give me your Fax # again and I will send that to you.
> Have you heard anything yet on what is still needed for the 24th?
> Renault
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> Renault - 
> You wouldn't happen to still have a copy of the handout from the scribal class at Academy of the Sword, would you?
> Raghnailt

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