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Anne Brewer anaka_ravenna at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 12 13:59:13 PDT 2004

Maybe if you sew little button-holes at the top of each tube (like big enough for the ring, but small enogh that the top of the pole won't slide out)? Which list poles are you talking about BTW? I know we did flags for the baronial list field, and the ropes for those go through clips that are clipped to the poles after the flags are in place (this also makes it so that if a fighter hits the ropes they just pop off instead of pulling the poles down.)

"Horn, Trisha D." <tdhorn at saintfrancis.com> wrote:
Actually, I was looking at the list poles, I noticed that the little eyehole
things at the top of each pole (that the list rope is strung through) will
prevent anything from sliding over the top of the pole (unless the hole gets
covered up). Any ideas for remedying that little snafu? I've got the four
larger list field flags that I'm going to put the Ansteorran star on, but
other than that, my machine is sitting idle (besides tons of garb I'm
supposed to be making for my clan). If you can figure out a way around the
hole problem (get it? the whole problem? yuk yuk) we can make those. Has
anyone thought of what type of table cloths we're going to need? Is that
something we could be doing?


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> Muscle-ey?!?! Sure! (puffs up in pose only to hear leaking air. . .)
> Opps. . .mabee not. . . hehehe
> What other sewing needs to be done besides what is going to the taylor?
> and listpole covers? The list field setup will take 45min. No real rush
> there. . . food, wait till a little closer to prepare. . .
> Handouts, I'll go out to my car in a while and see if they are still
> there. . .Yeah, been giving THOUSANDs of them away. . .not! Just made a
> few copies in case someone wanted one.
> Renault
> >>>
> No word yet on the 24th. I get the feeling that once the garb is done, 
> it's going to be a matter of lots of muscle to set everything up... Are
> you feeling muscle-ey? And how'd you get extras on the handouts? You've
> been giving them away before I got mine?!?! I feel so used (sniffle). My
> fax is 494-1333
> Raghnailt
> > 
> > HANDOUTS? We don't need no stink'in HANDOUTS!
> > 
> > Yes, I think I have an extra and the original in my car. Give me your
> Fax # again and I will send that to you.
> > 
> > Have you heard anything yet on what is still needed for the 24th?
> > 
> > Renault
> > >>>
> > Renault - 
> > 
> > You wouldn't happen to still have a copy of the handout from the scribal
> class at Academy of the Sword, would you?
> > 
> > Raghnailt
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