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Have you talked to Ld. Lucan? I mentioned to him that there was a demo coming up and that "Lucan's World of Fun" was a big hit last time, he said he'd come if someone let him know the time.

"Dawson, Lynne" <dawsonl at unionps.org> wrote:I know my husband and I have plans that day, so I won't be able to be there
unless our plans change.


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Homeschool Living History Day - Saturday April 17th
10AM-? Chandler Park Tulsa OK
The plan on feeding us a medieval potluck feast.

. . .

Homeschool S.C.E.N.E - Saturday June 19th
2:30 PM All Souls Unitarian Church, 30th & S. Peoria

. . .

There is at least one other demos that wants to happen next month some
time. I need to talk with the person who is wanting the demo to get some
more details before I can post anything about it.

I will peroidically repost this list with adjustments and additions.
. . .

As some of you know demos are a LOT of FUN. If you are interested in
participating in /fighting at / or helping out with any or all of these
demos please let me know. You seasoned SCA'ers would be great at a demo and
even you shy new people out there can share the magic and woder of the SCA
with people at a demo. I look forward to hearing from you ALL.

Kind Regards,
Laird Ian Dun Gillan
Hospitaller Northkeep

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