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Thu Apr 22 13:57:21 PDT 2004

Marcus said he thinks this quite amusing. He said the prize can be an
autographed picture of Travis. ... I say... it can be an autographed picture
of Marcus!! {grin}

During severe weather Marcus and I storm spot for KTUL -- that's the local
ABC affiliate channel 8. But he's the one with TV star quality. Keep tuned
in; I'm sure you'll hear Marcus often.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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> With all the nasty weather lately, I think we should have a contest to see
> who can identify Marcus on the news most often.  I know I heard him
> night, but I didn't hear him last night (but the storm was across from DS9
> and Enterprise, which were to my mind more important...
> So what would be an appropriate prize?
> M/D
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