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Practice it with them like a game, and give them lots of treats for going down there on their own. Are there lights down there so they aren't going into the dark? That would help. If it is too steep and you are worried about them jumping in and hurting themselves, you might try putting a padded chair/stool at the bottom, or cutting 2 legs shorter to put them on the stairs, to give them a half-way spot. They are more likely to do something if they feel secure, so make sure it is nailed in place. Not knowing the exact environment, I can't be certain, but this is what I might try.

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We're okay   up north - BIG wind and dark clouds but nothing serious. All 
this activity got us up and sweeping dead scorpions from the shelter and checking 
supplies though. I think we're ready if anything heads north.

Separate question for everyone - got any ideas on the best way to get 4 big 
dogs (3 of them being greyhounds) down into a tornado shelter? It's got steep 
stairs but there's no way any but the border collie are gonna attempt those and 
he'll probably choose to just jump in rather than fool with the stairs. At 
this point I'm figuring hubby will have to pick each one up and hand them down 
to me - not exactly a quick process I'm thinking. AND not something I can do if 
I'm home alone. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. The house is 
just a thing but my dogs are my heart and I think losing them to a tornado might 
break me. 

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