[Northkeep] no over-the-counter meds at Pennsic

LRA LRA at olpdsl.net
Tue Aug 3 09:45:36 PDT 2004

Hi all --

I received the following this morning and thought those of you going to Pennsic would be interested to know about the new rule at Pennsic about NO over-the-counter meds being available at Chirurgeon's Point. Thought you'd be interested. Pack your own stuff.

Lynn the Inquisitive

Subject: [SCA-AE] Be Prepared

Greetings Good Gentles,

This announcement is to inform everyone that over the counter oral and topical medicines WILL NOT be available at Chirurgeons Point.

In the past they have been kept in the small "help yourself" cupboard. Due to increasing legal concerns, these products will no longer be available at the Point for self use . This includes, but is not limited to: aspirin,Motrin( generic too), cold and allergy products,antacids, etc.

Please plan ahead.

We will be providing sunscreen and calamine lotion for those who forget their own supply.

We will be providing all of the other first aid treatment as usual.

This decree has been formulated on the Corporate and Autocrat level. Please refrain from tying up the list with discussions about this issue. 

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause.

As we have said, please plan ahead. This planning should include OTC and prescription meds, extra glasses, extra Epi Pens, extra inhalers, and whatever else you will need to stay well.

The Point will be open for business this Saturday.

Remember to be well rested before beginning your Pennsic road trip.

In Service,
Aine, for the Pennsic Chirurgeonate

PS: For those of you who are computer friendly, please feel free to pass this message on to other Kingdom Lists.

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