[Northkeep] Deed of Arms

Greg Martin geoffrey_makepeace at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 16:42:11 PDT 2004


The search for Honorable deeds can lead a man down many paths and give him naught, Thy search is over. Most Noble warriors, bring harness and weapons befitting thy station and meet me on the field of battle, to wit I will take the field against any for a bout of three counted blows, one blow each for Honor, Glory and Chivalry, the victor will be he who lands three good blows. Any Noble warrior who choose to take up this challenge shall have the right to choose the weapons for both. I do humbly ask that any wishing to take up my challenge bring a item to donate to the chest of supplies being gathered for our warriors across the sea. I will match the number of supplies dontated. I will say that I offer no great battle only that within my heart and the honor to be gained in helping our brothers over the sea in the lands of war. this deed shall take place Saturday at woodward park fighter practice starting at 10 am..

Geoffrey Makepeace

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