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Greg Martin geoffrey_makepeace at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 7 23:14:05 PDT 2004

I. Geoffrey Makepeace did throw down a gauntlet. Let It Be Known that on this feast day of St. Albert of Trapini, but an hour after Tierce bells, this gauntlet was picked up, not by one or two, nay but by many stout men, gentlemen from all walks, Knight, Squires, Noble men at armes, even one from a far away kingdom., Man after man took the field with all manner of weapons, while many fyne ladies and friends watched on to inspire us.
blow after blow was strake, with such skill I can only dream of someday having, this honour of noble combat only second to the goodness in these mens hertes, having given great largess to be sent to other warriors. and for this I say it was a glorious day!
thanks to each and everyone that helped and did this with me..it was a honour to be on the same field. i just wish my body was more willing to go on as it was great fun!
Geoffrey Makepeace

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