[Northkeep] *VERY* OFF TOPIC: sale of weapons

Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Wed Aug 18 17:22:55 PDT 2004

This may sound very strange, but ... it is sadly true:

About two months ago, a close, dear friend of mine hired his boss's husband to do some yard work (oddly, she was also my ex-coworker. We worked at the same firm for a while when I lived in Huntsville, Alabama). The guy promptly died in John's yard with a massive stroke/heart-attack/thing while pruning some trees.  John is helping his boss sell off her husband's large firearm collection. Yes, the money is going to a widow and her babies. 

If you like exotic weapons of a bang-bang kind, please check it out. The site has some odd humor, but that's john's way of dealing with the fact his close friend / boss lost a loved one in his yard, and he feels responsible since he hired the guy.



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