[Northkeep] Sir Max's visit

Dennis England sirbalvin at cox.net
Sun Aug 22 12:43:17 PDT 2004

Good fighters and associated support system folks,

I just wanted to thank you all for coming out yesterday and wearing Sir Max out.  I felt a great deal of pride in my Barony and how solidly you guys represented us at practice.  And to all those who came over last night and contributed in so many ways to make this weekend a success (Zubeydah!) thanks so much.  Francesca and I hope you all had a good time.  I know we did!

Max said over and over how much fun he had, what a great bunch of fighters we have up, and how much he wants to come back.  We're talking about a Spring visit at this point to get ready for tourney season.  See you all at practice.

In Service,

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