[Northkeep] Messages to the list

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 24 09:39:08 PDT 2004

This may sound complainey- it isn't meant to be.

If you send a message to the list, and it doesn't immeadiately appear, do 
not resend it.  There amy be any of a number of reasons for it.  For 
example, today, the list is running slow anyway.

Also if you are not actually signed up as a member of the list (from the 
email address you are posting from) the message gets kicked into the big 
spam pile, and will require me to weed it out of the 20-40 spam messages 
this list gets a day that don't make it to the list.  Understandably, I 
don't check that pile every 10 minutes.  I'm lucky if I check it once a day.

If you are sending it to a Yahoogroups email, you are sending it to the 
wrong address.  Messages for this list go to "northkeep at ansteorra.org".

Some email software systems, such as web-tv, do not play well with 

And sometimes, for example, Gerard's message, there is no reason I can find 
for your mail not getting through.


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