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The trick with lining stuff is to sew all except a small portion of the
seams. The small portion you don't sew is a couple of inches long (longer if
you have bulky material) and should be in a not obvious place. Sew the whole
thing together inside out except for the small space. Turn the garment out
through that small hole. Then iron (or finger press) the two edges of the
not sewn space so the edges are inside the garment at the same sewn-edge
level and then hand stitch them closed. Or, if you are not a hand sticher,
you can sewing machine them closed -- especially if you plan to do a top
stitch anyway.

Hope that helps.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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Okay, I am in process in making another ghawe coat.  I have my outside & my
lining put together & I want to sew the lining & outside fabric together &
seem to have problem doing the arm holes.  If I do them & all the other
edges excluding hems, it becomes the pepetrual inside garment that I cant
get every get it turned.

Any suggestions since I really like the finished edge of sewing lining on
the all the edges.


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