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You can't be TOO hard on me, or I'll go with something like Cristina Grau which are both German, so THERE!!! 

There is a lady on the German SCA list named Gisella, she goes by Gise and I kinda like it... pronounced with a hard G like most other German words... pronounced similar to Geese with an A on the end. Gee-sa... but I'm not set on it yet, especially with her having that name already.

Magdelena, Margarethe, Conegunda/Chunegundis (a great queen), Gertrudis, 
Elisabeth, Lugardis, Lucardis,  Adelheidis, Aleidis, Methildis, Cristina, Guda, 
Hedewigis, Heidindrudis, Agnes, Alberadis, Berta, Binhildis, Constantia, 
Evfemia, Gerhild, Hildeburgis, Yrmengardis, Judda, Judith, Reinhedis and Sophia are 
all listed in one article she quoted... I just don't know how to pronounces some of them...

So the closest I've come so far is Isa and Gise, which, come to think of it, are pretty much the same except one has a G on the front... I think there's another name I've seen that I like, but I can't think of it right now, and at the time, I wasn't sure if it was a documentable old name... I'm afraid it is a more modern name.

Chris (whose mundane name is Christine Graue, americanized version of Grau)

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From: Mercedes/Stephanie

Now, Marta, you bring up a very good point.  In fact, I believe His
Excellency and I threatened that very thing to one of our young Rapier
fighters at Castellan......  His Excellency is still looking for someone to
name Hrothgar.  Perhaps we should start looking at some good Norse names to
saddle, er I mean, bestow upon our dear Chris.

(thinking evil thoughts)
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I thought after 6 months or so, it was up to the Populace to pick a name we
thought fit. I'm thinking something along the lines of Esmeralda. Chris
kind of gypsy like. What do you think?


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