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Alot of these names were on the list Gise gave me, so at least it's consistent... how on earth do you pronounce Heidindrudis? or Betzolte... that just doesn't even sound like a name... I mean, according to what I know of German pronunciation, some of these names just don't make sense... and Guda is a cheese, lol. Why do most German names either conjure an image of a large angry woman, sound like names from any other country, don't make any sense or sound like a prank?

I'm told the Houpland is from the 14-15th centuries... although I may have to take the dual personality, er, I mean persona suggestion and wear lighter garb in the summer... a houp can be a bit heavy, don't you think?

Danke, Herr Diarmaid,

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From: Marc Carlson

>From: "Graue, Chris" <Chris.Graue at benham.com>
>....get in trouble... or else I'd be looking up GERMAN names right now... 

Ooh, German.

How about Cristina, Gertrude, Walpurga, Guda,  Heidindrudis, Els, Dorlein, 
Endlin, Kunigundt, Betzolte, Notburgen, Salmein, Ro?  Just as some ideas.

Cristina Northkeeper.  Called "Chris"



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