[Northkeep] New Email Address

Robert Fitzmorgan fitzmorgan at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 20:04:16 PST 2004

Hello everyone.  I have a new Email address I am using for my SCA
mailing lists.  It is
fitzmorgan at gmail.com
The current address of :  fitzmorgan at sbcglobal.net    will remian
active, I'm just moving the mailing lists and SCA email to the Gmail
account.  I don't use the:     Fridenberg at earthlink.net    account
Fitzmorgan at aol.com is long dead.  Please delete it from your address books.  

SCA Email          Fitzmorgan at gmail.com
Personal Email   Fitzmorgan at sbcglobal.net
Yahoo Messanger  robert_fitzmorgan

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