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ravenrux at cox.net ravenrux at cox.net
Wed Dec 8 08:54:21 PST 2004

Greetings Ansteorra,

I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered to teach classes at our event.  As of this morning, we have slightly more than enough classes for our schedule.  If you contacted us before this week, your class will be on the schedule.  If you contacted us this week, you may be on the schedule--we will be releasing a finalized schedule tonight (Wednesday) or tomorrow morning (Thursday).  If you would still like to teach a class and are not on the schedule, we can offer you two options:  you may agree to be on standby, to replace any classes that must be dropped, or you can teach an unscheduled class any place you can find the room and time.  Heralds will be available to announce class  changes and errata.  

We have had several requests to change the schedule.  We are doing this as much as possible, but please understand that changes in schedule are difficult to implement without complications.  When the schedule is finalized, there will be no major changes.  We apologize if this presents hardships for instructors.  If you are unable or unwilling to teach your class at the scheduled time, we will certainly understand.  Please inform us in such a case so we can fill the slot.

We do not  have full class descriptions of every class.  We will provide a general class sign-up sheet on site for instructors to fill out with the particular information about the class.  We ask that if you have a class size limit that you fill out one of these forms so that you are not overbooked.  We apologize for any inconvenient departures from wInterKindgom traditions.

We ask that you forward this message to any interested parties you may know of, as we are sure to miss someone.  

In service,

Lord Carlyle du Troyes


Yahakiya no Masamune

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