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    With less than 2 weeks to go until 12th Night we bring you important

Purchasing feast thru Accepts has been extended thru the 31st of
December.  We have over 100 people registered already and feast is
limited to 300 so be sure to get yours soon!  If you wish to mail in
your feast registration please send to the following address:

Lady Fionnuala the Fey (Nuala) [Liz Peters]
440 South Westmoreland Road 
Dallas, TX 75211-5133

There was some confusion on who to send Feast payment to so if you have
mailed your payment to Lady Elin don't worry; she is collecting feast
reservations as well and working with Nuala.  But it's just easier to
list one address on this email.  ;)

We are excited to present to you a preliminary Feast menu!  There might
be one small change due to the availability of a certain kind of roll
but we will notify everyone of any changes.  Recipes will be posted as
soon as possible for those with dietary concerns.

First Course:
Stwed Beef - Marinated sweet/sour boneless beef ribs.
Sawge - Roasted chicken in sage sauce.
Wastels yfarced - Rolls with the crumb removed, mixed with spinach,
butter and mushrooms and refilled and baked. 
Makrouns - Layered pasta and cheese with butter. 
Cheryse - Cherry Bread Pudding.

Second Course:
Capons Stewd - Steamed chicken in herb/white wine sauce. 
Cormarye - Pork loin braised in red wine. 
Gilded Mushrooms - Skewers of mushrooms & bacon with batter 
Asparagat - Asparagus breaded and fried sprinkled with red wine vinegar
Apple Tarts with figs topped with Creme Bastard
Drinks of hot lemonade, pomegranate and lemon beer.

We are still looking for help with serving feast; currently we have
about half as many servers as we minimally need.  Please contact our
server coordinator Lady Sara (hrldndva at yahoo.com) to volunteer.

Set up:
We are still looking for volunteers for help in setting up!  We will be
getting into the hall at noon on Friday and will be in there until 9pm.
If you would like to help and can be there on Friday either email us and
let us know or just show up and ask for a Steward and we will put you to
work.  ;)

Pavilions inside the Hall:
There has been mention of personal pavilions being set up within the
hall.  We appreciate your enthusiasm concerning the events, however,
this will not be allowed.  Due to the 4 elevations and the amount of
people we expect there is no room to allow pavilions inside the hall.
If you would like to set something up outside, please contact us to

That's all we have for right now!  If you have any questions or concerns
please feel free to send us a note!

Yours in Service,
The 12th Night Stewards
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